Alternative Raw Materials

Two materials chemists discuss a 3-dimensional model of a molecule

From alterations to packaging so as to minimise waste, to reducing greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing, we can work with you to identify parts of your business that could benefit from research to identify new materials to replace existing materials, or refine existing methods. Coupled with our significant expertise in materials analysis and knowledge of fundamental chemical processes, we can undertake in depth research projects to help your business move towards a sustainable future.

Current manufacturing practice is having a seriously detrimental effect on our world and alternative raw materials that reduce our impact on the environment are desperately needed. In many industrial processes there exists potential for improvements but ensuring minimal economic impact is often problematic. At JBL Science we can analyse your manufacturing processes and identify steps where improvements might be most beneficial. We understand the chemistry that drives green technology and can also harness the intellectual power of our academic researchers to suggest or develop novel raw materials for your business.

Whether you are in the chemicals industry, the food manufacturing sector or the drive for renewable energies, we can work with your business. Contact us today to discuss our capabilities.


A scanning electron micrograph to characterise materials at the nanometer level

Key industrial sectors that could benefit from alternative raw materials include

Chemicals Industry


Agriculture and farming

Food Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Construction

Renewable energy


Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular spectroscopies


Mass spectrometry