Bio-analytical Science

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Whether you are interested in biomolecular identity, purity, concentration or activity, we are skilled in a range of assays for diverse families of biomolecules. We can help you with workflows that include quantitative PCR, ELISA, chromatography and functional assays to address your research needs in the life science sector and beyond. We have a track record of work with mono-clonal antibody characterisation, bio-similars and bio-mimetics and can develop structured research programmes to help your business thrive

The life science and pharmaceutical sectors need a vast range of molecular assays, to help answer questions that range from quantifying gene expression, through characterising, quantifying and performing functional assays on protein levels to investigating levels of specific small molecules. These assays necessarily work using different technologies, for instance PCR for gene expression whilst immunoassays are more widely used for proteins and even some small molecules. At JBL Science we have skills in many different bioscience technologies and can address all your bioanalytical science needs.

Often, specific assays can be purchased off-the-shelf from specific suppliers and we can provide the scientific skills and equipment to carry out those assays. In other cases, we can develop novel assays using existing technologies.

We can also undertake detailed structural and functional investigations of bio-active macromolecules, such as antibodies, to aid investigations in the biologics, biosimilars and bio-mimetics industries, where regulatory frameworks dictate that properties should be aligned to the parent molecule.

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Key industrial sectors that can make use of bioanalytical sciences include

Agriculture and Farming

Food Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical and Formulation

Life Sciences



Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular Spectroscopies

Imaging Modalities


Other Techniques