Protein and Peptide Production

A scientist inspects an agar plate for colonies of bacteria that express a recombinant protein

Investigations of the structure and function of proteins need quality reagents that are produced in sufficient quantities and purified as close as possible to homogeneity. We can work with you to identify appropriate mechanisms to produce proteinaceous reagents for your research using cellular systems. Alternatively, we can undertake complex, bespoke peptide synthesis projects and all of our products are purified using cutting edge techniques and characterised fully prior to release, giving you confidence in your experimental results.

Producing recombinant proteins or synthetic peptides for your research can be time consuming, resource-intensive and, sometimes, rather difficult, particularly if the protein of interest is modified in some way. At JBL Science, we have expertise in recombinant protein production in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, either of which can be used depending on the level of post translational modifications and folding required.

We can perform upstream molecular biology to clone the regions of interest and downstream purification of expression products through our extensive portfolio of chromatographic resources. Products are routinely characterised by mass spectrometry and other spectroscopies.

JBL Science also has peptide synthesis capability and can work with you to manufacture peptides carrying an array of modifications, produced in different quantities and purified to high levels.

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The structure of a synthetic peptide

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