Bio-analytical science

Articles of relevance in the application area of bio-analytical science

  • Co-crystals under the microscope

    JBL Science's expertise in characterising crystals is highlighted in 2 newly-published scientific articles

  • Sex differences in the response to acute stress

    Rats exposed to swim-related stress show different levels of neurosteroids in the brain depending on sex, suggesting sex-dependent neurosteroidogenesis in the HPA axis

  • How a protein from flu virus hijacks your cellular machinery

    A major protein encoded in the genome of the influenza virus called NS1 helps traffic through the cell and JBL Science researchers help find out more about this process

  • Proteomics conference a resounding success

    East Midlands mass spectrometerists flocked to Lincoln for this years proteomics workshop to hear a range of high-calibre oral presentations and view cutting edge scientific posters

  • Using birds to produce useful proteins in eggs

    Transgenic chickens have been created that package a range of potentially therapeutic molecules in their eggs, in quantities above many more common techniques for production of recombinant protein. Read about how is this done.

  • Application note 202001: sugar in drinks

    Some drinks are so tasty that we almost can't help but want them, even though we know that they are probably not so good for us. At JBL Science, we developed methods to measure how much added sugar is in milkshake to support a major UK television programme. Read the application note to find out more.

  • Application note 202002: analysis of varnish

    Restoring fine art is a delicate and precise business and it is essential that conservators have as much information about the piece as possible. Have a look at our application note on varnish analysis to see how we can help.