Inductively-Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Instrument: Thermo iCAO 7400 Duo

Inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) techniques provide quantitation of elements contained within samples of virtually any type, including liquids and suspensions, solids, powders and complex formulations. Such techniques are significantly more sensitive than other means of elemental analysis hence they are useful for trace-level analyses.

Hard to analyse samples often require a preliminary decomposition stage, which takes place in strong acid and under heating in a powerful, industrial microwave. The resulting samples are analysed by either mass spectrometry or, in the case of our instrumentation, optical emission spectroscopy (OES), also called atomic emission spectroscopy. Emissions are characteristic of each element, hence a fingerprint of elemental compositon can be obtained.

ICP-OES is a powerful technique for quantifying elements in a sample.
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