East Midlands Proteomics Scientists en route to Lincoln

In October 2018, scientists from around the East Midlands, and indeed further afield, will be in Lincoln for a conference on protein analysis. The conference is part of a regular series of meetings, held annually, that attract over 150 delegates and that provides a forum for experts in protein analysis at Universities, research establishments and businesses alike.

The meeting will involve a series of presentations from leading figures in the field, a session where scientific posters describing the latest findings can be displayed and discussed, and an exhibit by companies that make the technology used.

But what is proteomics all about??

A key part of the analytical science arsenal at JBL Science is the multi-disciplinary technique of mass spectrometry. We are particularly well equipped for analysis of small molecules, but we also have instruments capable of analysing peptides, molecules that are derived from proteins.

Peptide analysis by mass spectrometry forms the basis of the cutting edge field of proteomics, a field that involves studying all proteins within a biological sample, whether that sample is a mashed up bit of plant, some animal blood or cancerous tissue. JBL Science can analyse these samples and identify what proteins there are and, crucially, how the levels of those proteins might change if there is a change in environment - for instance if the plant is suffering from a period of dry weather or the animal is carrying an infection.

What happens with proteomics data? Often it is used to investigate the detailed mechanisms that are happening within cells, but it can equally be used as biomarkers, to aid diagnosis of diseases or disorders.

October 2018 provides an opportunity to learn more about the subject from experts and to meet those companies that design and make mass spectrometers, an industry that the UK leads the world in.

Location: Engine Shed, University of Lincoln

Date: 24th October 2018

Timing and programme to be determined

For more information please contact Dr. Andy Gill

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