Exciting New Venture for JBL Science Team Member

JBL Science are delighted to offer a huge congratulations to Kristen, who is moving to Beaphar Sinclair (Gainsborough) to take up a role in their quality control department.

Kristen has spent the past year on placement with us here at JBL Science as part of her MChem studies at the University of Lincoln. Her project, which was undertaken in partnership with a small nanotechnology company, involved establishing and developing QC procedures for a novel nanomaterial in advance of its marketing.

Despite having limited experience of the techniques used at the beginning of her placement, Kristen got hands on experience of using particle size distribution measurements, Raman spectroscopy and stability studies amongst other techniques. The various technologies gave Kristen a clear view of how the particular material behaved over time, particularly related to its physical and chemical properties.

Kristen said "I have loved my time at JBL Science. It felt great to be able to work on a project with obvious commercial value. The company involved were right behind the project and I have learnt so much about how company-led research works as well as being able to use lots of sophisticated instruments. I'm really looking forward to putting my knowledge to use in my new job".

At JBL Science we have loved having Kristen to work with us and it has been a massive benefit to us and to the company that sponsored the work. Thanks to Kristen for all her hard work over the past year and we wish her all the best for the future.

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