Agriculture and Farming

A farmer harvesting crops using a tractor and other machinery

Over 70% of land in the UK is farmed and the agricultural industry is an important source of ingredients for our food and drinks industry. We recognise the demands on farmers to cut costs whilst increasing product quality. Whether you own a small holding or farm intensively, JBL Science can work with you on projects as diverse as improving on-farm efficiencies, helping to develop new uses of waste materials or investigating mechanistic aspects of positive production traits in animals or plants.

The UK's farmers are increasingly expected to cut the costs of their produce whilst diversifying their income streams through innovation. JBL Science have a wealth of experience working with local farmers and we have a range of research services that you can rely on. From analysis of mineral content of agricultural land to techniques for biomass characterisation or consultancies in animal health, we have experts in chemical, biological and environmental sciences to support your farm.

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A cowin the field with an ear tag

Key application areas of relevance to the agricultural industry

Process improvement

Elemental analysis

Bio-analytical sciences

Environmental sciences and contamination

Metabolomics and proteomics


Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular spectroscopies

Mass spectrometry