Life Science

A picture of fish which are useful experimental models in life science research

The UK's life science sector is world leading. Whether your discipline is biology, biotechnology, molecular biology or protein structure, JBL Science has expertise to undertake your in-depth, innovative research projects or simply to deliver one-off measurements or assay results accurately and rapidly. We have dedicated bio-containment labs and equipment for biomolecular investigations ranging from simple gel analysis to complex metabolomic and proteomic characterisation of cells and tissues overseen by scientists with decades of combined expertise in the bioscience arena.

Life science is one of the major sectors that JBL Science was established to serve - bioscience is at our core. As well as our own dedicated equipment, laboratories and personnel, we work closely with the University of Lincoln's school of life sciences department to access tools across the field of biomolecular, bioanalytical and biotechnological sciences. We can produce peptides and proteins for your research, measure small molecule effectors - such as hormones or fatty acids - in body fluids and undertake high-throughput -omic workflows, as well as many many other capabilities.

From routine immunoassays and molecular biology applications to protein structure determinations backed up with computational simulations, we cover all aspects of life science research so you don't have to.

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A pipette and Eppendorf in silhouette

Key application areas of relevance to the life science sector


Formulation science

Molecular structure determination

Clinical chemistry

Metabolomics and proteomics

Protein and peptide production


Tools and technologies of relevance include


Mass spectrometry

Imaging modalities

Molecular Dynamics