Petrochemical Industry

A petrochemical plant with large fractional distillation columns

Petrochemicals represents arguably the most important part of the chemicals industry, since this sector is responsible for supplying many of the raw materials used in downstream applications. We can help your petrochemical business develop by providing comprehensive quality assurance testing procedures, improving process efficiencies, understanding faults and developing new process technologies. We can resolve and analyse a variety of sample types to determine composition and structure, such as determining the hydrocarbon composition of complex mixtures in both liquid and solid states or performing trace metal analysis using ICP-OES to report on failure mechanisms on plant.

Our technology platforms, which include GC-MS and GC-MS/MS, provide a range of hydrocarbon analysis options. We have additional mass spectrometry expertise to identify and quantify potentially hazardous contaminants in chemicals or can develop methods to monitor potential environmental contamination to safeguard regulatory compliance.

We can image and analyse pipework, joints or seals from your plants to catch problems before they occur. 

We can draw on multi-disciplinary academic expertise, across chemistry, physics, engineering and bioscience, as well as industrial contacts to access cutting edge knowledge and resources to help keep your business at the leading edge of the sector.

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A scientist pipettes a dark coloured, oily liquid

Key application areas of relevance to the petrochemicals industry

Process improvement

Elemental analysis

Materials analysis

Molecular structure determination

Environmental sciences and contamination


Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular spectroscopies


Mass spectrometry

Physical measurements