Renewable Energy

A heavily lit city at dusk - Nairobi

Modern life puts a heavy demand on energy and we are burning our planets resources at an alarming rate just to keep the lights on. Innovative renewable energy solutions are vital to our future and we can work with your business to help develop new technologies. Whether you want to investigate the use of new materials to improve battery efficiency or repurpose your biological waste to produce biofuels, we have the skills and expertise to help.

Modern day problems require cutting edge solutions. With the power of several academic schools from the University of Lincoln behind us, JBL Science can provide the technical innovation you need to develop renewable sources of energy or to improve existing energy products. From electrochemists with skills in battery technology, to scientists who can make new materials to improve efficiencies of power storage through to analytical scientists with expertise in biomass testing, we can partner your business to address your needs in the renewable energy market.

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Biomass pellets

Key application areas of relevance to the renewables industry

Process improvement


Environmental sciences and contamination

Metabolomics and proteomics



Tools and technologies of relevance include

Molecular spectroscopies

Imaging modalities

Mass spectrometry

Physical measurements