A chromatographer programmes a cutting edge HPLC instrument for bio-analytical separations

From bulk-scale purification of chemical reaction products, to analytical separations of tiny amounts of complex mixtures, JBL Science have chromatographic solutions to even your most demanding problems across the chemical and biological sciences. Molecular detection by multiple techniques, including mass spectrometry, is provided by a wide variety of instrumentation, operated by experts with decades of combined expertise.

Chromatography encompasses a diverse range of techniques that permit the separation of components of a mixture, but they are all linked by having a stationary phase, with which molecules of the sample interact, and a mobile phase that washes over the sample thereby keeping the molecules moving. The differing extent to which molecules interact with the stationary phase determines the separation.

We have access to many different types of chromatography that can be defined by scale - from semi-preparative separations of reaction products to nano-scale analysis of biomolecules in microlitres of body fluids - or by technique, as below. Chromatography can also be subdivided by the chemistry of the stationary phase, to allow separations of complex mixtures of many different molecular properties. With such complexity you need experts you can trust to identify and apply the correct chromatographic techniques for your applications.

We have access to the following technologies, amongst others: