Mass Spectrometry

Vials for analysis by headspace GC-MS

With unparalleled levels of sensitivity and specificity, coupled to an ability to analyse molecules from diverse families and with a range of properties, mass spectrometry is the technique of choice for many applications in chemical and biochemical science.

Mass spectrometry is a tool that involves measuring the mass of the molecules contained in a sample. Tandem mass spectrometers can break molecules into smaller fragments and measure the mass of these pieces too. We have decades of experience in interpreting MS data, so that from the results we can often deduce important properties of the molecules, including elemental composition, identity and structure.

The actual process of mass spectrometry involves turning the molecules in a sample into ions in the gas phase. Whilst certain types of mass spectrometer are limited to the analysis of molecules that are volatile, JBL Science have access to a suite of instruments that allow almost any type of molecule to be amenable to mass spectrometry analysis including small chemicals, larger physiological metabolites such as vitamins or biological cofactors and even proteins.

Mass spectrometry is often coupled, online, to chromatography so that complex mixtures of molecules present in a sample can be separated and analysed individually. JBL Science have access to several types of chromatography-enabled mass spectrometer with wide applicability, particularly for analysis of volatile organic compounds, pharmaceutical compounds & biomolecules.

Clients can chose from the following mass spectrometry-based options.