Other Techniques

JBL Science has a range of tools at our disposal that do not easily fit onto the traditional categories of analytical science. These techniques allow us to offer bespoke solutions to your research needs including recombinant protein production, cell and bacterial culture facilities and the ability to produce and purify speciality peptides. Coupled with our analytical science expertise, these areas allow us to undertake coordinated, multi-disciplinary research projects through from conception to product development.

We are fortunate to have significant bio-analytical skills within JBL Science, developed through many years of active research in academic and industrial environments. We can work with you to analyse biological materials, including bodily fluids, secretions or other body tissues and also meats, plants and other food stuffs. We can develop research programmes that involve synthesis, analysis and functional investigations of peptides, proteins and other biological molecules in silico, in vitro and in cells.

Talk to us to explore our bespoke offerings in the bio-science and food arenas, including the following capabilities.