Molecular Spectroscopies

White light is separated into constituent colours after passing through a triangular prism

Whether you need structural or compositional information, the molecular spectroscopies encompasses a collection of techniques for analysis of a vast array of chemical compounds, including organic, inorganic, polymeric and metallic materials. We are leaders in the field of spectroscopic analysis and our experts have decades of experience in analysis of small and large molecules.

Spectroscopy is a term that encompasses a large family of techniques that all involve studies of the interaction of matter and electromagnetic radiation, such as light. As the radiation passes through, or reflects from, the sample then the wavelength of light that is transmitted, emitted or absorbed is characteristic of the material under test. Different forms of spectroscopy can be used to investigate many different materials and can tell us about the atomic or molecular make up of the material.

Different scientific questions require different spectroscopic solutions and we have many diverse instruments that can be used, with application in both chemical and biological science. Instruments are operated by experts with years of spectroscopic experience to allow us to get the best information from your precious samples.

The following is a selection of the techniques available.