X-ray Diffraction

Instrument: Bruker D8 Discover for single crystal diffraction; Bruker D8 Advance for powder diffraction


X-ray diffraction (XRD) is the definitive technique for studying crystalline matter. Diffraction experiments can be done on powders to provide relative quantitation on the levels of different crystalline minerals present, or on single crystal specimens to determine the molecular structure of the crystal at atomic resolution.

At JBL Science we have high-throughput as well as variable temperature and humidity options for powder diffraction to analyse reactions or changes in crystalline forms as a function of environment.

A dual source (Cu/Mo) single crystal diffractometer allows for different wavelengths of x-rays to extend the scope of the analyses. This instrument is cryo cooled to increase data quality whilst a plate stage allows for fast screening of crystals from different solution conditions.

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